Yoga Date Night: Benefits of Couple's Yoga with your Significant Other

November 2 | The Lifestyle |


Can couple’s yoga make a difference in your relationship? Experts say yes, not only does attending a yoga class together enhance your relationship but couple’s yoga requires trust, communication, and your undivided attention. When you do couple’s yoga with your partner, you have to remain focused on them.

Yoga = Union

For most of us, it’s rare to devote 100 percent of our attention to each other for a full hour. While you’re focused on each other, you’re committing that time to your relationship and choosing to come together for the purposes of each pose. Yoga is intended to unify—in fact “yoga” directly translates to “union” in Sanskrit—and though it’s often intended to unify body and mind, it can also help to unify a couple.

Teamwork Makes the Yoga Dreamwork

Teamwork is a vital part of couple’s yoga. Because you have to synchronize asanas or assist each other in poses, you have to work together as a team to achieve the same goal. During partner yoga classes you’re working in tandem, coordinating your movements, your breath and the way you interact with each other. This requires excellent nonverbal and verbal communication, as well as careful attention to the way you both move. Since your movements rely on your partner’s for a tandem pose to work, you’ll have to work as a team to get into, and out of, the pose together. The necessity of staying attuned to each other’s movements and breath helps bring you closer together.

A Couple’s Yoga Connection

Couple’s yoga also requires touch—something we greatly undervalue in our society. This opportunity to share touch in an intimate, but nonsexual, environment helps to produce a sense of closeness and tenderness between partners. For partners struggling with connection, this experience can be particularly meaningful. You will literally be supporting each other, holding each other up and providing strength for each other. As you work your way through poses, you’ll bond over this unique shared experience and reinforce that you are there for each other. As you practice touch in a supportive, caring atmosphere, you’ll feel more comfortable and more willing to become vulnerable in the presence of your partner.

Yoga Through Thick and Thin

Part of making a relationship work is being able to get through difficult situations together. During couple’s yoga, you’ll work on the skills required to work through challenges, like communication, attentiveness, strength and breath work. While the challenges you work though in couple’s yoga aren’t all that serious—you may even find yourself laughing as you try to work together on certain poses!—the skills you practice can be deeply important when a true challenge arises in your life. During a couple’s yoga class, you will sometimes fail. Some poses may be too difficult, or you may fail to communicate properly and find yourselves on the floor in a giggling heap. This is part of the process! Successful relationships must learn to fail together and move on together. The more you practice these essential skills, the more your relationship will flourish, no matter what life brings.

Want to Give Couple’s Yoga Try ?

Interested in learning more? Couple’s yoga is a great learning opportunity for any couple, so find a class where you can learn to do partner yoga safely and enjoyably.. Come join us and discover a new way to connect with your partner and get your SIX on.