Yoga for everyone

December 7 | The Practice |


Sometimes, we wonder why everyone isn’t doing yoga yet. Shouldn’t everyone get to experience this life-changing practice? Some might say “yoga isn’t for everyone,” but we disagree—no matter what you’re looking for, you can find it in yoga.

Disconnect to Reconnect

How often have you checked your phone in the last hour? If someone asked you to put your phone down and not look at it for a whole 60 minutes, would you laugh and say “Yeah, right”?

But…did you check your phone once during your last yoga class? Hopefully not!

Our society today demands that we are always on-the-go, always connected, always available. Which is great in a lot of ways, but it can also be exhausting. Yoga gives us a much-needed chance to recharge and reconnect to our bodies and minds.

Strong Bodies = Calm Minds

We all know about the mental benefits you get from any form of exercise, whether it’s running, hiking, spinning, weight training, whatever. But while you’re running, you probably try to think about anything but your run and zone out to a playlist or podcast instead.

Not the case with yoga—when you’re in Warrior II, you’re acutely aware of how your feet are placed, the muscles in your legs, your breathing, even your facial expression. By building and strengthening this mind-body connection, we see benefits off the mat.

Sign Up for Stress Relief

For everyone who comes to YogaSix looking for a workout in our Power or Sculpt & Flow classes, someone also comes in just wanting to chill out in a Stretch or Slow Flow class. It’s likely that you first heard about yoga as a “stress reducer,” and doctors recommend and even prescribe yoga to patients to manage stress and anxiety.

There’s no question—when you walk out of a class, aren’t you a little calmer and more patient with traffic jams or challenging colleagues?

An Easier Way to Meditate

Meditation and mindfulness are all the rage in healthy living right now. But meditation is not an easy habit to just pick up and commit to. Just the thought of sitting still and breathing, with no distractions, makes a lot of us squirm with discomfort. But yoga on its own can be a form of meditation. Flow classes, where we link breath to movement, are especially powerful types of moving meditation and can offer the same benefits as sitting for 20 minutes.

Plus, a little yoga actually makes it easier to meditate. Once you’ve stretched and loosened up your muscles and calmed your mind, you might be able to sit and breathe without twitching.

Recover, Treat, and Prevent Injury

It’s no longer surprising to hear that many pro athletes practice yoga regularly. Yoga improves strength, balance, flexibility, mobility, endurance, core strength…all the things that are extremely important to athletes.

But even casual athletes, like recreational runners, rock climbers, cyclists and adult league basketball or softball players, turn to yoga when they’re recovering from various injuries. And they stick with it to help them recover well and prevent future injuries.

We also know that those who aren’t as active are at risk from too much sitting and staring at screens. Our Stretch classes are designed specifically for all of these people. Gentle movements and postures that invite a deep stretch keep your muscles healthy and happy.

This is just scratching the surface of how yoga can benefit all of us. It improves confidence, helps us sleep better, gives us energy and helps us live full healthy lives. Get your SIX on.